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Troubleshooting Tips

  • Causes Solutions
    Ceiling fan mains connected through regulator Bypass or disconnect the regulator (Except regulator models)
  • Causes Solutions
    1. Circuit breaker tripped Reset the breaker
    2. Loose connection of wires Tighten the wire connections
    3. Failure of regulator (only for regulator models) Replace with new regulator
  • Causes Solutions
    Remote battery drain Replace the old remote battery with new battery (lithium coin cell battery CR2032 or equivalent)

    Testing the Superfan BLDC ceiling fan remote
  • Causes Solutions
    Remote problem Replace the old remote by new remote. Contact us: 1800 425 78737.
  • Causes Solutions
    1. Bottom canopy touching the top cover of the fan Adjust the bottom canopy so that it does not touch the top cover
    2. Fan leaves are not fixed tightly Tighten the mounting screws of the blade
    3. Input wires coming out from the downrod touching the top cover of the fan Reduce the length of the wire so that they are not touching the top cover
  • Causes Solutions
    Down rod is not fitted tightly Tighten the bolts and nuts
  • Causes Solutions
    Shackle kit is loose Tighten both the bolts and nuts in the shackle kit
  • Causes Solutions
    Overload due to: 1. Wrong installation Refer installation instructions
    2. Deposition of dust on the blades Clean the blade periodically

Please get in touch with us if the above tips do not help you to fix your problem.

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Cancellation and returns

What is Versa Drives's return policy?

Once purchased Versa Drives does not accept return of the product. If you have received a damaged or defective product, please follow the steps indicated in the warranty clause.

Can I cancel an order?

An order cannot be cancelled once it has been placed.

Installation Support

How to Install Superfan BLDC Celing fan?


The above demo video for Superfan Super Q series. The other models have slight difference in the canopy assembly.

Use the below form to get installation Support.


Installation shall be assigned within 48 hours from the delivery confirmation.

Installation shall be done by VDPL and/or its authorized service center/personnel

Installation support applicable for Superfan ceiling fans only. It is not applicable for other brand fans.

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